We at U FUN FIELD are experts at what truly makes a holiday unforgettable: comfortable lodging, mouthwatering cuisine, thrilling activities, breathtaking landscape, and precious memories captured on film. We are pleased to provide an excellent journey to Bali with all these necessary components in one fantastic location.

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Nestled on a 400-acre working private rice field, U FUN FIELD allows you to fully take in Bali's natural beauty. A peek into the island's rich agricultural past, these well-known fields are a must-see for any tourist to Bali.

  • Adrenaline Driven Experiences: You will experience an adrenaline rush with our three outdoor activities: zipline above trees, peddle unusual skybikes with stunning views of the rice fields, or soar through the air on incredible jungle swings.
  • Explore Balinese Culture: Expert English-speaking guides will help you to appreciate Bali's vibrant culture. Find out about fascinating customs, rice farming secrets, and the religious beliefs of the island.
  • Priceless Memories: A talented Balinese artist created the renowned "Wings of Bali" installation, which is one of our seven Instagram-worthy picture booths. It is modelled after the well-known "Wings of Mexico."

Professional and Safety Conscious: U FUN FIELD has been providing an amazing trip for 15 years because of our commitment to safety. Our full licencing and certification by the top outdoor gaming installation company in Indonesia guarantees the highest standards of safety.

Beautiful Adventure Awaits: Our mission at U FUN FIELD is to provide an incredible Balinese experience. We combine adventure, natural beauty, cultural discovery, and priceless memories, to awaken your senses and ignites your spirit. Book your vacation with us right now!